In my blog, we’ll geek out together over marine life. I’m always amazed by the tiniest and largest of creatures. The more we know about them, the more we love them! I hope that we’ll learn together while being amused, enthralled, and entertained by the magic of the ocean where all of us mermaids belong. There are tons of websites where you can view award winning photographs. This is not one of them. I’m just a regular snapshot taker, particular good at taking pictures of the butt ends of fish as they swim away, which is why I refer to my fish tale as caudal tales! I often have profound thoughts – at least I think they are profound – deep like the ocean (see what I did there?). It’s OK if I’m the only person who thinks they are deep. There’s no judgment in mermaid land. Come enjoy the magic with me.

Recent Posts

Winter Immersions

2024-02-26 18:47:32

Winter can be a challenging time for merpeople. Especially New England merpeople. Our tropical relatives do just fine. When I saw next weekend's forecast for 60 degree above water ...

A Mermaid's Year in Review - Lessons in Humor, Fame, and Delight

2024-01-01 19:36:45

For Christmas this year, my favorite merman gave me these 2 beverage holders - one for each of my favorite beverages. Mermaids do rely on coffee and wine for nourishment. I do ...

Merpeople Rescue Baby Shark

2023-09-11 18:52:18

Hi above water friends! Admittedly, I haven't written all summer, because, well, summer is a busy time for a New England mermaid. Today's visit to my under water friends needed ...